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What is an Interpretation Guide, and why do I need one?

Students who take EXPLORE® or ACT® as an above-level test receive the same score report that older students receive. While the scores alone are helpful, this report does not include any comparison to other bright students who took the test above level, and it does not provide guidance as to appropriate curricular placement for the student.

An Interpretation Guide provides a detailed comparison to other high-ability students, as well as specific curriculum points that the student has mastered and skills for the student to practice. Each individualized Interpretation Guide includes useful quotes from scholarly research, informational resources, and competitions and activities.

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How much does it cost?

An Interpretation Guide costs $17 per student. Students who take the EXPLORE or ACT through the Belin-Blank Center automatically receive an Interpretation Guide at no additional cost.

What is a Talent Search?

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The goal of a Talent Search is to discover, via above-level testing, students who need further educational challenge to fully realize their academic talent. Above-level testing is an educational procedure in which a test developed for older students is administered to younger students.

Bell Curve

For more on Talent Searches, check out Parenting for High Potential's Talent Search issue.

Why should students participate in a Talent Search?

  • Taking the EXPLORE or ACT enables students to demonstrate academic strengths by taking an academically challenging test that is not typically available to them at their grade level.
  • Students who do well on a grade-level test have correctly answered most of the questions on that test. This tells us what they know, but does not tell us what they are ready to learn. The results of an above-level test tell us what students are ready to learn, which can help parents and educators make appropriate curriculum modifications and programming.
  • Talent Search scores often allow students to participate in special summer and academic-year programs, such as those offered at the Belin-Blank Center.
  • Finally, many high-ability students have indicated that the experience was extremely positive. On a recent survey, we asked Talent Search students how they felt about being identified to participate in the talent search. Over 95% said they like it or liked it a lot. When we asked them to tell us why they were taking the test, 50% said they thought they would enjoy the challenge of the test and 42% wanted to know more about their talents.

Students who take the EXPLORE or ACT through the Belin-Blank Center automatically receive an Interpretation Guide at no additional cost. To register for the Belin-Blank Exceptional Student Talent Search, please visit our website.